acoustic movable sliding partition

Acoustic sliders and movable walls.



acoustic movable sliding partition

Acoustic sliders and movable walls.



Features that makes us Pioneer in Movable Walls and Partitions

The acoustic sliding folding partition system is totally top supported, no floor tracks, no wall jam on wall , manually operated panels of convenient sizes, and can be stacked in area at ends with various parking option. The system when closed, its provide proper wall with complete sound barrier, the sound reduction is up to 50 Db as per site condition.

The tracks is made of extruded anodized aluminium of 6063-T. The track housing is having utilize grooves with interlocking steel pins for positive or perfect alignment of adjacent track section and can be reinforced overhead by drop rod brackets in perfect water or leaser level. The aluminium track housing include an integral nut slot which support a hardened square nut for attaching each drop rod bracket to the top of the track.

Trolley: Trolley can be center/ side stacking system with a two wheeled nylon trolley made with the base material of POM 45 tempered steel and can be used as per approved stacking method.
 Aluminium Trim: The panel trims will be standard series with exposed aluminium trims of 12mm thickness finished in 6063-T anodised aluminium.

The top and bottom rail of each panel is incorporate an extruded aluminium box section having mechanical seal manually operated by handle inserted in the panel stile, turning the handle through 45 degrees shall simultaneously extend or retract the top and bottom seal through steel and spring mechanism which provide firmly hold the seals in the retracted or extended mode. Single crank type lock and 7 round type lock both are mechanisms are available.

All seal is of EPDM rubber which used in top and bottom and it also used in lever closer seal for operable wall system. Retractable seal drop is 25 mm on top and 28 mm on bottom. The end panels of the opening opposite to the closer will be fitted with a Bulb Seal, a hollow extruded EPDM seal and the seal shall protrude 10mm beyond the end of panel and shall be capable of compensating for minor variations in wall surfaces which it abuts.

Acoustical insulation Material: Sound absorbing rock wool/ 96 density shall be used.

Panel weight: The panel weight per sq meter is 36kg without finish.

Stacking: The panels can be stacked in agreed method and in accordance with architectural

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